Jewelry Artisans




Lilly Marino is from Warren, RI. She has always had a passion for different forms or art. Interests in fashion design, sewing, and architectural drawing to name a few. She has focused her creative energy toward jewelry making since 2007. Lily’s designs are bold, chunky, and full of bling. Her work draws from the retro period combined with modern concepts.










Dawn Mallozzi is from Barrington, RI. She has been pursuing her passion for jewelry at Downtown Designs since 2006. She is an incredibly strong and positive woman, qualities that guide her to mentor the other artisans in our studio. Dawn’s dedication and perseverance shine through her work. She sets high standards for herself which shows in her work.










William Buckley is originally from Barrington, RI and now lives in Newport. He began designing for Downtown Designs since the inception of the business back in 2004. His strong sense of pattern guides him to create beautiful pieces. William’s devotion to customer service and strong sales background are an asset to Downtown Designs.











Elena Schweizer is from Barrington, RI. Elena pays close attention to detail and has created jewelry at Downtown Designs since 2009. Her incredible sense of color are reminiscent of the rich Eastern cultures. Her steadfast commitment to organization, structure and focus results in quality and professional pieces of jewelry.