Community Artists

Thank you to our guest artists for sharing their talent with us.


Dick D’Alessandro-Photographer

Dick D’Alessandro’s photographic career began in 1972 as a commercial advertising photographer. For 20 years he worked as a freelance photographer in NYC. Dick created images in his Manhattan studio and on locations world wide for advertising agencies and independent clients.
In 1992 he began teaching at Rhode Island School of Photography. In 1995 he accepted a position as Director of Commercial Photography at a college in Western Massachusetts. He taught and lectured for 18 years before retiring from education and relocating in the Catskills.

Dick continues to lecture on a variety of photographic subjects.
Presently he is working on archiving over 40 years of images, pursuing personal projects and exhibiting.
Dick is a self-taught photographer.


Kelsey Jean Kriner-Through the Autistic Eye

A collection of photography through the eyes of Kelsey Jean Kriner, a young women living with autism. She is a talented photographer who captures the essence of the images she creates.


Abigal Paradise

Abby is an emerging young artist. She is a student at the East Bay Met School in Newport,Ri. She works with Acrylics and oils, and is currently studying Graphic Design.


Julie Shoen-Hood

Julie studied Illustration at RISD. She is a retired Art Instructor through the Newport Art Museum. She has 20+ years of teaching throughout the museum’s outreach programs including instructing participants from Looking Upwards, Newport County Mental Health, Newport County Boys & Girls Club, MLK Center, Artful Elders Bradley School & other various elementary after school art programs.  Julie still teaches privately and works through her home/studio based in Portsmouth, RI.  Julie’s philosophy:  “Each piece speaks for itself.  I am merely an instrument for the spirit that works through me. “J. Shoen-Hood”



Kendra Ferreira, CPSA

Kendra Bidwell Ferreira holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. She is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America in two aread, holding a second signature membership in the exploration of using other mediums and surfaces with colored pencil. Kendra is also an artist member of the Art League of Rhode Island, Providence Art Club, Salmagundi Club, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, NYC and the American Artists’ Professional League, NYC. A founding partner of Beach Studios in Middletown, RI, Kendra teaches classes in drawing and painting. Her award-winning artwork has been exhibited throughout the US. Kendra was recently chosen by the Rhode Island Blood Center as the Seasons’ Pass Program artist for 2011-2012.




“Shades of Summer” by Artist Kendra Ferreira

“Burst of Spring” by Artist Kendra Ferreira


“Reflections” by Artist Kendra Ferreira

Julio Cesar Amaro

Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, February, 1961 at age seven he was taken once a week to the “Art House for Children” to learn the basics of visual and performing art, singing, dance, painting, pottery and playing cuatro and clave. This gave him an early age fascination for the arts and music and although he didn’t continue studying art, he kept this interest and being a teenager he was introduced in the various painting techniques by his friend, David Echeverria. He started using oils, pastels and charcoal. In 1979, having acquired his high school diploma he moved to Margarita island to study Marine Biology and later Aquaculture. In order to pay his way through college he started showing and selling his paintings to the public. Towards the end of his studies he decided to concentrate in the arts instead of marine sciences, something he had been advised since before he left his birth place. In 1985 he became the manager of Artisans, a fine art and craft gallery and in 1988 he moved to New York City, where he began showing his artwork with a favorable response. In 1993 he started working on a technique he had developed years back and he called it Kinoptic Art. It is a combination of painting, collage and Origami. Although it is classified as kinetic, it does not move, but it offers an optical effect of motion to the viewer, that’s why the term “Kinoptic” made more sense to him. It is a rare and ancient concept used during the Persian Empire, Medieval Germany, during the American Civil War and various contemporary artists, including Dali, Vasarely, Cruz Diez and Yaacov Agam have used this concept very successfully.

“Sail and Light” by Artist Julio Cesar Amaro

“Butterfly” by Artist Julio Cesar Amaro

“Astral Encounter” by Artist Julio Cesar Amaro