Are you interested in being a mentor, sharing a talent and/or making a difference?

Volunteer positions are available for one-to-one or group educational or artistic programs, gallery exhibitions, special events, fundraiser projects, small business ventures, and to enhance creative expression.  Projects may include research, book club, wellness initiatives, general office work, mailings, etc.  We’re open to all ideas!

How to Apply

For more information about volunteering at Looking Upwards, contact Michele Banks at (401) 847-0960 ext.26 or Eileen Echevarria at (401) 847-0960 ext. 66.  Please be sure to let us know about  your volunteering project preferences and your availability.

Volunteers play an important role in all areas of Looking Upwards’ Day Enrichment Program.We at Looking Upwards would like to thank all of our past and current volunteers for their incredible spirit and their service to Looking Upwards that has touched so many lives.


Volunteer Beryl Yeomans 

 Volunteer Beryl Yeomans

Beryl has been volunteering one day a week at Downtown Designs since 2011.  She helps the artists find beads and assists with sorting, cleaning and organizing.  Beryl is wonderful company, is positive and is a warm and generous soul. She has been here with us celebrating holidays, birthdays and art shows, and is a support to everyone overall.  Beryl occasionally makes jewelry.   Beryl is spunky and fun and is also a member of the Red Hat Ladies.  We love her!