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We appreciate being acknowledged by 

Newport County as its Best Artisan Shop, Best Jewelry Shop, and Best Gift Shop of 2022!

Thank You to everyone and to

Newport Life Magazine!!!

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Newport this Week

Using Art for a Greater Mission

by John Pantalone 2022

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Jamestown Arts Center invites all to feast their eyes on the latest exhibit "Outsider Art: Harnessing Color" 

by Ryan Belmore 2023

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Art New England

Outsider Art: Harnessing Color

by Elizabeth Maynard 2023

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Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 12.01.00

Newport Daily News

2019 Best of Newport County Winners

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Jamestown Arts Center to host a panel discussion on "Outsider Art: Harnessing Color"

by Ryan Belmore 2023

Installation Image of Outsider Art : Harnessing Color

The Public's Radio

"Harnessing Color" brings sunshine to the Jamestown Arts Center

by James Baumgartner 2023


Turn to 10 with Alison Bologna


Newport Daily News

Creativity on Display by Helena Touhey 2018


The Rhode Show

Assisting those with disabilities find a job by Will Gilbert 2019


The natasha Love Foundation 

5TH Annual Recognition Awards

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